Foods & Recipes

‘Food glorious food’; how can we do without it? It has certainly been shown in several studies in scientific journals that reducing your kilojoule intake below what the body requires is the mainstay of weight loss. When starting your weight-loss plan, it is the reduced kilojoule intake that makes you lose weight. At this early stage, exercise has little influence on how much weight you lose.

It is important when considering the food aspect of your weight-loss program to work with what you like. For example, try modifying your normal diet rather than changing it to a radically new diet. This is important because maintaining a diet that does not agree with your taste buds is extremely hard, and can be a source of failure as you progress with your weight-loss program. It is best to adjust your food intake with the aim of losing approximately 0.5 to 1 kg (1 to 2 pounds) a month, as this amount of weight loss can easily be accommodated without feeling too deprived.

After looking though this website and reading my book, Healthy Intentions: Make it a Habit, you should be more skilled in choosing which foods to eat and planning your meals from my recipes and menu selections. The following are a selection of recipes from my book that include, breakfast, lunch, soups, pasta and main courses.